fNIRS 2021

Welcome to the fNIRS 2021 Virtual Meeting
October 18-22, 2021

We are planning the first large virtual gathering of scientists working with fNIRS around the globe. The COVID pandemic has affected researchers and research, but our fNIRS scientists have found ways to continue working hard collecting data, developing tools, building new instruments, testing them in the lab and hospital environments. It is a given that science and industry connect at SfNIRS meetings, and this year this will take place remotely through various online presentations and events. At the virtual fNIRS meeting, researchers are able to showcase their latest innovations and discoveries with the broader fNIRS community, interact with research colleagues, and engage in fNIRS-related topics and social events.

We look forward to hearing from all of you. We are especially keen to hear from our junior scientists and PhD researchers, and welcome you to submit recent findings from your research projects! 

Meeting objectives

  • Connect with other fNIRS researchers from around the globe. 
  • Share cutting-edge findings and instrumentation. 
  • Support junior researchers and PhD students. 
  • Foster new collaborations within and across optically-oriented domains, from instrumentation to application. 
  • Introduce state-of-the-art developments at the foremost meeting of fNIRS researchers. 
  • Demonstrate new technologies to the community. 
  • Provide the community with a virtual forum to discuss fNIRS research findings. 
  • Gather in a forum that supports future project planning with the best and brightest in our field.  

Virtual Conference Organizing Committee Board:

Ilias Tachtsidis
University College London

Heather Bortfeld
Psychological Sciences at University of California, Merced

Haijing Niu
State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University

Meryem Ayşe Yücel
Boston University

Virtual Conference Organizing Committee:

Rebecca Re (Politecnico di Milano), Jessica Gemignani (University of Padova), Maheen Siddiqui (Birkbeck-UCL), Louisa Gosse (Birkbeck), Frederic Lange (UCL), Paola Pinti (Birkbeck), Hiroshi Kawaguchi (AIST), Yuanyuan Gao (Boston University), Adam Noah (Yale), Ali Rahimpour Jounghani (UC Merced), Zhishan(Jason) Hu (Beijing Normal University), Tiffany Ko (UPEN), Androu Raafat F. Abdalmalak (University of Western Ontario), Fen Zhang (ICFO).

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