Late Abstract Submission

The late abstract submission is open now at:

The late abstract submission deadline is to October 04, 2021, midnight at your local time. Please be aware that this is a hard deadline and we advise the late submission authors to register before the registration deadline. The late abstract submission authors should select Late submission as your topic. For your information, the late submission abstracts will only be considered as posters and will not be considered for the research excellence awards.

Prepare your abstract using the abstract template.
(We recommend using Safari or Microsoft Edge to open the abstract template link above as other browsers such as Chrome might block the direct download.)

Tips on how to write a good scientific abstract:

  • Make sure to tailor the abstract to the intended audience. Avoid jargon where possible and keep the abstract clear and concise.
  • Ensure the abstract is structured in a way that makes it intuitive and logical to follow. Include headings such as introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • The introduction should provide a brief background and introduce the scientific question being addressed. The Objectives section should clearly state the goal(s) of the study.
  • Methods section should summarize the experimental procedures and describe the protocol and if appropriate the participants demographics and instrumentation. 
  • Finally, the Results and Conclusions sections should present the results, briefly discuss the findings and limitations of the study, and finally provide a summary or take home message along with future directions.
  • Figures are permitted as long as they fit within the A4 page and are clearly visible and readable.
  • References are allowed and they need to fit within the single A4 page.

All abstracts for fNIRS2021 will be peer reviewed by a panel assigned by the topic chairs.