Early Investigator Award Finalists

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Date(s) - October 22, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The time shown below is based on the GMT-0 timezone.


Time Submission No. Title Authors

(Presenter in bold)

UTC 13:00-13:20 129 An analysis framework for the investigation and integration of brain haemodynamics and metabolism as measured with broadband NIRS during functional brain activity Paola Pinti with Maheen Siddiqui, Andrew Levy, Emily Jones and Ilias Tachtsidis
UTC 13:20-13:40 98 Optical Detection of Shunt Failure in Pediatric Hydrocephalus Wesley Baker with S.Lang, T.S. Ko, J.S. Breimann, J.Jahnavi, G. Laurent, B. Yun, M.Cook, S. Myers, K. Agarwal, K. Lourie, T.M. Flanders, G.G. Heuer, J.W. Huh, and D.J.Licht
UTC 13:40-14:00 30 Understanding the associations of brain and behavioron mental conditions Stephanie Sutoko with M. Kiguchi, H. Atsumori, A. Nishimura, A. Obata, T. Funane, H. Nakagawa, M. Egi, and H. Kuriyama