Oral session – topic 3 (Multimodal measurements) – topic 5 (fNIRS data analysis) – topic 7 (Other Topics)

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Date(s) - October 21, 2021
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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Time Submission No. Title Authors

(Presenter in bold)

UTC/GMT 21:00-21:10 134 STORM-Net: Simple and Timely Optode Registration Method for Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Yotam Erel, Sagi Jaffe-Dax, Yaara Yeshurun and Amit Bermano
UTC/GMT 21:10-21:20 126 Reproducibility of Identical Solid Phantoms Pietro Levoni, Fangzhou Zhao, Lorenzo Frabasile, Hong Qi, Michele Lacerenza, Pranav Lanka, Alessandro Torricelli, Antonio Pifferi, Rinaldo Cubeddu and Lorenzo Spinelli
UTC/GMT 21:20-21:30 64 Effect of face masks on cerebral hemodynamics and brain function Jonas B. Fischer, Lisa Kobayashi Frisk, Raquel Delgado-Mederos, Mercedes Mayos, Felix Scholkmann and Turgut Durduran.
UTC/GMT 21:30-21:40 226 Changes in amplitude of oxy and deoxy hemoglobin in response to visual cortex stimulation under various oxygen condition Karolina Bejm, Stanislaw Wojtkiewicz, Żanna Pastuszak and Adam Liebert.
UTC/GMT 21:40-21:50 49 Monitoring canine brain activity using near infrared spectroscopy Gemma Bale, Ingrid Turner, Robert Cooper, Laura Cuaya, Vivien Reicher and Attila Andics
UTC/GMT 21:50-22:00 220 Developing customized NIRS-EEG for infant sleep research Louisa Katharina Gossé, Paola Pinti, Frank Wiesemann, Clare Elwell and Emily J.H. Jones
UTC/GMT 22:00-22:10 79 Measuring infant engagement with eye-tracking to inform fNIRS analysis Eleanor Smith, Addison Billing, Edwin Dalmaijer, Bronagh McCoy, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Robert Cooper and Rebecca Lawson.
UTC/GMT 22:10-22:20 58 Transabdominal Assessment of Human Placental Oxygenation with FD-NIRS Lin Wang, Jeffrey Cochran, Tiffany Ko, Wesley Baker, Kenneth Abramson, David Busch, Lian He, Arjun Yodh and Nadav Schwartz.
UTC/GMT 22:20-22:30 108 Within-subject correspondence of simultaneously collected fMRI and full-head fNIRS signals across language and visual paradigms Sara Sanchez-Alonso, Rebecca Canale and Richard Aslin.
UTC/GMT 22:30-22:40 192 Simulation Study of fNIRS Wavelength in the Presence of Human Hairs Using Implicit Mesh-Based Monte Carlo Yaoshen Yuan, Yuxuan Zhan and Qianqian Fang
UTC/GMT 22:40-22:50 50 Cerebral hemodynamic and white matter microstructure relationships in pediatric brain injury: Preliminary findings from Advancing Concussion Assessment in Pediatrics (A-CAP) Andrew Lapointe, Ashley Ware, Chris Duszynski, Keith Yeates and Jeff Dunn.
UTC/GMT 22:50-23:00 63 Short Channel Correction to Reduce Physiological Noise Induced False Discoveries in Resting State Functional Connectivity Ishara Paranawithana, Darren Mao, Colette McKay and Yan Wong