Research Excellence Award

SfNIRS 2021 Topical Research Excellence Awards

This year, all submitted abstracts are eligible for a topic-specific Research Excellence Award. This is to encourage students and researchers to submit and present their work at the Society of fNIRS Virtual Conference 2021.
For each of the 7 SfNIRS 2021 topical sessions, two awards will be given:
1) Student Research Excellence Award
2) Research Excellence Award


  • For the Student Research Excellence Award: the applicant must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program (up to PhD students) at the time of abstract submission;
  • For the Research Excellence Award: the applicant can be at any career level at the time of abstract submission;
  • Applicants must be first author in the submitted abstract;
  • First authors may only submit one abstract for award consideration;
  • Invited abstracts will not be eligible for awards.

Application format and process

During abstract submission to the SfNIRS virtual conference 2021, the applicant can opt to be considered for a Research Excellence Award for that abstract, and, if so, if the applicant qualifies as a student to run for the Student Research Excellence Award. 

Assessment criteria

The 3 highest scoring abstracts will be selected for consideration for the Research Excellence Award. These selected abstracts will then be further judged by the oral presentation.

The winning Student and the winning Researcher will receive a certificate and an Amazon voucher. Details will follow.